CCVET Consulting’s mission is to partner with the vision of existing practices to see the vision become reality.

CCVET Consulting

We work veterinarians one-on-one to help you navigate through the road blocks of business, find new ways to increase your competitiveness in the industry, and ultimately ensure the growth and success of your business.


The founder of CCVET Consulting, Craig Lambert, and his wife, Dr. Donna Lambert, made the ultimate leap of faith and opened their own pet care facility, Creature Comforts Veterinary Resort & Suites, Inc. (CCVRS), in 2008. Craig spent nearly 20 years in small and corporate businesses prior to opening CCVRS. Combining Craig’s business talents and his wife’s veterinary skills, the couple has overseen a three doctor veterinary practice with a forty-seven hotel room, luxury, all-suites facility, and a successful dog day camp. To this day, the company is continually growing and the Lambert’s have learned how to balance the business and their home life. After years of seeing passionate veterinarians struggle with administration, and how exactly to leverage their business to its full potential, Craig developed CCVET Consulting.

The Veterinary Industry

We are in an unprecedented time for the veterinary industry – with the annual revenue stream upwards of 80 billion dollars, there are endless possibilities for growth; unfortunately, a lot of veterinarians only capitalize on a small portion of those opportunities. Part of what we do is talk to you about our own particular journey and help you navigate around the mistakes we’ve made.

We are also seeing an intense corporate buyout rate; it has already swept through Europe and is making its way to tthe United States. Owners struggle with the answers to the difficult questions of succession and retirement.

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